2019-2020 Season

Welcome to Pi's 2019-2020 year of dynamic theatre and performance!

Starting off with Part 1 of our Pi Provocateurs season is one of Canada's own true provocateurs, Mr. Scott Thompson! Scott brings Buddy Cole to town with Après le Déluge: The Buddy Cole Monologues. This incendiary evening takes place at the Cultch's Historic Theatre Sept. 19 - 21.

Pi Provocateurs Part 2 welcomes Little Thief Theatre's production of In Response to Alabama.

Right before Alabama's recent move to criminalize women's autonomy over their own bodies, Little Thief theatre was gearing up to present a fictional piece centred around abortion.  But the outcry from women south of our border was so piercing that the company changed course. How could they present a piece of fiction about abortion and yet remain silent about their own?
Tickets will go on sale here on our web site November 15.
Join us January 29, 30 and 31 and the Anvil Centre in New Westminster for a look into the creative process as Pi Theatre joins PuSh's open workshop series. We'll be testing ideas for Shakespeare's EM. A new look at Shakespeare's Othello seen through the eyes of Emilia.  There's no charge for this event. More information coming soon.
Pi Provocateurs Part 3 takes place in late February. We can't announce the show yet, but it's going to be quite unlike anything you've ever experienced.
In April 2020 Pi is proud to present the Canadian premiere of Lampedusa by Anders Lustgarten at the Annex in downtown Vancouver.
Lampedusa takes a look at how our capitalistic economy dehumanizes those who keep it running close to the ground and how our connections with each other offer a real way out.

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