The 8th Land

The Eighth Land

Easter Island. Is it a confounding mystery or one of the greatest environmental tragedies of modern times? William Maranda's The 8th Land is a play written in the classic Greek style of Aeschylus with music and dance, masks and chorus.  Set on Easter Island in a time when the plentiful palm forests of that land have been reduced to one lone palm tree, the last ruler of the "Eighth Land" contemplates the future of his people and his obligations to his gods.


Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition, Pepe Danza

Jessie Richardson Nomination:
Outstanding Costume Design: Marti Wright

Director: John Wright
Live Music Composed and Performed by Joseph "Pepe" DanzaStaring: Parnelli Parnes, Suzanne Ristic, Alvin Sanders, Linda Quibell, Simon Webb and Sarah Afful*, Spencer Atkinson*, Nick Fontaine*, Thrasso PetrasAssistant Director: Maura Halloran*
Stage Manager: Lorilyn Parker 
Assistant Stage Manager: Jethelo E. Cabilete
Movement Direction: Colleen Lanki
Lighting Design:Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting Designer: Kelly Ingersoll*
Set and Props Design:David Roberts
Props Assistant: Stephanie Jew*
Costume Design: Marti Wright
Assistant Costume Designer: Barbara Clayden
Makeup: Alyssa Satow*
Dramaturgy: Johnna Wright
Assistant to the Playwright: Mary Phan*
Production Management: Jayson McLean
Box Office Manager: Tara Goerzen
Front of House: Sabrina Evertt
Publicity: Bridge Communications
Marketing and Graphic Design: Yayah Studios
Photographer: Tim Matheson

*Prime Placements: Pi Theatre's Emerging Artists Program




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