About Peter Dickinson

About Peter Dickinson:

Peter Dickinson is a professor at Simon Fraser University, where he holds a joint appointment in the Department of English and the School for the Contemporary Arts. He is also the Director of SFU’s Institute for Performance Studies. Having researched and published extensively in theatre studies, performance studies, and dance studies, Peter has recently begun writing for the stage. Productions and staged readings of his plays include: The Objecthood of Chairs (SFU Woodward’s, Vancouver, September 2010); Counting to Infinity (Solo Collective Theatre, Vancouver, April 2012); and Positive I.D. (InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, June 2012). A former board member and Past President of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival Society, Peter blogs regularly about Vancouver performance at performanceplacepolitics.blogspot.ca.

Long Division - Photo by David Cooper


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