Between the Sheets Victoria

Between the Sheets


Between the Sheets in Victoria from January 29 - 31.  What secrets will you learn?

Pi Theatre, in association with Theatre SKAM, presents Jordi Mand's Between the Sheets, an intimate after-school drama that takes place in a real classroom in Victoria where you'll witness a parent-teacher interview you won't soon forget. It's a nails-on-chalkboard lesson where fiction meets reality. Drive to George Jay at Richmond Elementary School as the characters would have done. Park in the school parking lot and walk into the building as you might in the course of your normal lives. Feel the tangible presence of young children that were sitting at their desks just hours ago.  Experience a novel kind of dramatic tension as the story plays out directly in front of you.

This site-specific experience takes place at George Jay at Richmond Elementary School.


Directed by Richard Wolfe. Assistant Direction by Alan Brodie. Starring Caitriona Murphy and Stephanie Moroz. Runs January 29 to 31 for FOUR shows only. January 29 at 8pm January 30 at 8pm January 31 at 4pm January 31 at 8pm

For tickets, please click here or call 604.872.861.

The following is the Between the Sheets Trailer featuring Stephanie Moroz and Caitriona Murphy:




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