Winner of 3 Jessie Richardson Awards -

Drew Facey, Outstanding Set Design; Jeff Harrison, Outstanding Lighting Design; and Richard Wolfe, Outstanding Direction



Sarah Kane's first full-length play, Blasted, opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 1995. It became the cause célèbre of the theatrical year, making front-page headlines, selling out houses and outraging critics. 

Pi is marking the 20th anniversary of Blasted's first production by bringing Kane's seminal play to life in Vancouver in April 2015. This will be the second professional production of Blasted seen in this country. Twenty years after it first hit the London stage with incendiary force, Blasted now seems more at home in the present than it ever has in the past. Scenes that were thought of as exaggerated to the point of absurdity have taken on an uncomfortable familiarity in the face of contemporary events.


Here's some of the feedback that we've been receiving for #PiBlasted:

"Wolfe’s production is terrific. Drew Facey’s set explodes with detailed realism, Jeff Harrison’s lighting paints the stage with just the right shades of darkness, and Remy Siu’s sound design is spooky, intense and surreal."  - Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"Twenty years after its premiere the play feels more relevant than ever …" - Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place and Politics

"For its 30th anniversary, Pi Theatre has masterfully resurrected a contemporary classic. Blasted, by English playwright Sarah Kane, is the kind of play that forces all the air out of your body and then screams at you to breathe." - Erika Thorkelson, Vancouver Sun

"I fortified myself with a pre-show glass of wine but that in no way softened the impact of this play." - Gillian Lockitch, Review From the House

"On the whole, though technically breathtaking … much of the impact comes from the raw performances — from Kopsa’s animal ruthlessness and Clarke’s blend of ethereal and earthiness. Raresh Dimofte, with his massive, intimidating frame and baby face that shows all the levels of his character’s tormented and monstrous existence, is astonishing as the nameless soldier." - Erika Thorkelson, Vancouver Sun 

“The staging and the effects are terrific. The performances are chillingly, frighteningly real. It is a bleak, bleak vision of the present. It’s Beckett + Pinter + Tarantino and it’s not for every eye or ear." - Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"I previewed @pitheatre's Blasted for the @georgiastraight & there's nothing else like it on stage right now." - Andrea Warner (read her preview here)

"It was hard not to applaud the set change." - At #PiBlasted Talk Back

"Thank you @pitheatre for a challenging, though provoking, powerful production of Sarah Kane's Blasted. #PiBlasted" - Michelle Muldoon

"Wow. That was unbelievably intense." - @RandiEdmundson

And a couple of folks who weren't moved by Ms. Kane:

"Michael Kopsa (Ian), Cherise Clark (Cate), and Raresh Dimofte (Soldier) all do decent work. ... The physical stagecraft in Wolfe's production is masterful." - Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

"Blasted is hardly compelling". Mark Robins

Decide for yourself! 

Don't miss out!


Director: Richard Wolfe

Cast: Michael Kopsa, Cherise Clarke, Raresh DiMofte

Costume Designer: Carmen Alatorre
Lighting Designer: Jeff Harrison
Set Designer: Drew Facey
Sounds Designer: Remy Siu
Production Manager: Jayson McLean
Stage Manager: Jethelo E. Cabilete
Apprentice Stage Manager: Chantele Fry

At Pi we believe in the social aspect of theatre. Our Lounge will be open to everyone following the shows, and here is a schedule of the entertainment:

April 14: Talk Back
April 16: Performance by The Ruffled Feathers
April 17: Performance by Clara the Sidewalk Cellist
April 18: Performance by Sister Says
April 19: Talk Back
April 22: Speak Up! Facilitated by  Heidi Taylor and Linda Pitt
April 24: Performance by Kristie McCracken
April 25: Performance by The Jamie and Sarah Experience


Please find a copy of our press release here: Download Pi - Blasted Rls - F.pdf (149.21 KB), or our Chinese translation copy here: Download Blasted Media Release - Translation.pdf (218.71 KB)


Support Pi Theatre and Blasted. Listen to AD Richard Wolfe speak here:



About the Cast:

Michael Kopsa (Ian)
This is Michael's first production with Pi Theatre and he is thrilled to be working with Richard and this wonderful cast and designers. Michael is a multiple nominated Jessie Award winner. Recently he appeared in Late Company (Touchstone Theatre); Art (Gateway); and Whose Life is it Anyway (Realwheels). Other theatre: God and the Indian (Firehall Theatre); Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Pound of Flesh / Cultch); Paradise Garden (Arts Club / Stanley Theatre); Almost, Maine & 36 Views (Tempus Theatre); Playland, 12 Angry Men, The Woodsman, Shadowlands, Hospitality Suite (Pacific Theatre); Moon for the Misbegotten, Burn This, Salvador. Michael works extensively in voice-over, animation, film and television, playing Captain Windmark in the final season of FRINGE, as well as the voice of Roger Baxter on Littlest Pet Shop, among others. He has a regular role as a father to an almost-nine-year-old daughter, and walker of the aging and very patient family dog.

Cherise Clarke (Cate)
Cherise was last (un)seen onstage playing the ghostly ex-wife in Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward (Peninsula Productions, White Rock), and before that in Blackbird's Uncle Vanya at the Cultch, playing Sonya. Previous roles include Nastassya in The Idiot (Neworld/VMT/UBC), Laura in The Glass Menagerie (Arts Club), Rita in the one-woman show Tiny Apocalypse (Rough House), Lyla in Turkey in the Woods (Screaming Weenies) and Castiza in Revenge (Felix Culpa). She is a UBC almna and thrilled to be working with Pi Theatre at last.

Raresh DiMofte (Soldier)
Raresh is a professional actor with 12+ yrs experience in TV, Theatre and Film, with a BA in Drama and script writing. He was influenced by the very European style of Stanislavski and Grotowski. In the past year, Raresh has appeared on TV series like Almost Human, iZombia, The Tomorrow People, various commercials running in North America, as well as lots of local independent productions. In 2010, he received the Best Actor for his performance in Stage Yourself Competition. Also, FRaiLNeSS is the first short film Raresh produced in Canada and he also stars in it. It was written and directed by Nadia DiMofte. FRaiLNeSS got accepted into the Short Film Corner at 67e Festival de Cannes - 2014.



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