10 Questions with Haley McGee

Haley McGee

Pi Theatre is excited to be the presenting partner for Haley McGee's I'm Doing This For You at the rEvolver Festival, and it opens tonight! 

Haley is a fantastic artist from Toronto, and to introduce her a bit more to Vancouver, Richard decided to ask her 10 questions. Check out her answers below and don't miss I'm Doing This For You running only until June 3rd.

1.     What is your greatest fear?
That love doesn’t exist for me.  That I’m poison to the people who love me. That what I’m contributing to the world is futile. 
2.     What calms you down?
Being around trees and looking at the sky.
3.     When are you most happy?
When I’m silly dancing with my friends.  Or when I’m hosting people in my home. 

4.     What is your preferred animal companion: Dog, cat, bird, fish, other?
I have none but I fantasize about adopting a greyhound rescue. 
5.     What time of day do you feel most alone?
Oh god… depends on the day and where I am… when I’m on tour I’m often alone… I feel it most acutely after shows where I don’t know anyone in the audience… let’s say 11pm. 
6.     What super power would you most like to have?
I’d like the ability to stamp out the critical voices that buzz around my brain. Uh… I’d like to be able to do that for everyone. I don’t want to fly or read anyone else’s mind. 
7.     What’s your biggest turn on?
Sense of humour, generosity of spirit, intelligence, fearlessness.
8.     What’s your biggest turn off?
Nay-saying, bad listening
9.     What’s your favourite place outside of Canada?
So many… right now I’m craving the Scottish Highlands. I’d love to spend more time exploring Japan.  I’m also very curious to visit South America. 
10.  What do you most enjoy doing for others? 
Making them laugh.  Giving them compliments.


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