3 Reasons to Attend the Sunday Soul Brunch!

Chicken and Waffles

3 Reasons why attending Pi’s Sunday Soul Brunch is the best way to beat the end of summer blues:

The days are getting shorter, there’s a crispness (or maybe it’s a dampness) in the air, sitting on patios is now only for the brave and we’re on the other side of Labour Day. The end of summer blues are inevitable but we’re holding one rocking event to help ease you into Fall.

1. Brunch

Brunch is really a cure-all meal. Hungover? Go get some brunch. Just got dumped? Go for brunch. Woke up on the wrong side od bed? Brunch. Feeling the end of summer blues? You got it- brunch! Not to mention, The Emerald’s southern style brunch, including chicken and waffles, is amazing and a rare occasion (they only serve brunch for us!).

2. Robert Wilson & the Blackbird P.A

Allow the smooth tunes of Robert Wilson & the Blackbird P.A to soothe your weary soul and rock you right into the mood for Fall. Robert Wilson is a local singer/songwriter who will win you over with his sultry, soulful sound.

3. A sneak-peak into Pi’s upcoming season

The Pi team will be there armed with news about our upcoming season. Get the juicy tidbits before anyone else does. And of course, it’s a chance to catch up after the busy summer months, because we missed you! 

Are you sold on Brunch? Get your tickets here now before they're all booked up!



We did it again! On September 25th, 2016, we held a great event - the Sunday Soul Brunch, featuring Robert Wilson & the Blackbird P.A.

Not only did everyone enjoy a brunch buffet of Southern classics - Chicken and Waffles, anyone? - but they also got to listen to an amazing concert by a fantastic soul band!
This was not your average Sunday morning.

Pi presented the Sunday Soul Brunch at The Emerald! 

Just like our first, this event sold out! Tickets are $30 for the first Early Bird tickets (plus the $1 service fee) and then it goes up to $35 plus a $1 service fee.

Doors open at 10:30am...

September 25, 2016 10:30 am
Sunday Soul Brunch
Spaces available: 



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