After Party Girls show you their BRAINS!

Lady Parts in Pi Provocateurs

Cheyenne and Katey are getting ready for Episode 2 of Lady Parts, BRAINS! Want to know a bit more about what you can expect? Read their blog below!

Have you ever been interrupted when you’re talking?

Have you ever presented an idea and were ignored and then a man presented the very same idea and he was praised?

Have you ever been a UN Human Rights lawyer but been introduced as “George Clooney’s Wife”?

Well we have. Our inspiration for BRAINS came from our experiences and those of the intelligent women in our community. Ask any woman and she will have a story for you—a story of being mistreated, undermined, underestimated, underwhelmed. We’re hoping that BRAINS will provoke reactions like: “oh yeah, that happens” or “oh shit, I’ve done that” or “you know what? ME TOO”. It’s 2017 goddammit and we can either laugh about the mistreatment of 50% of our population or cry about it. To be fair we do both, but there’s no such thing as sketch tragedy. Yet.  


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