Artist Profile: Pippa Mackie

Pippa Mackie


Meet Pi Artistic Associate Pippa Mackie! Pippa is the co-creator of our Lost Words series with Jeff Gladstone. Associate Producer Linda sat down with Pippa this week to uncover all her secrets! 

Linda Pitt: Who is Pippa Mackie?

Pippa Mackie: Trouble.

LP: You’re first show with Pi was Terminus in 2013, what was that like?

PM: I felt a bigger sense of responsibility with Terminus than with any other show I’ve done. Partly because of the accent (Irish) which I wanted to get accurate and partly because none of the characters talk to each other, so it’s all you. Terminus had the biggest shift from the first rehearsal until the end that I’ve ever experienced working on a show and I made new realizations everyday.

LP: Where did the idea for Lost Words come from?

PM: Jeff had found this play from Quebec about separation and we started talking about doing a staged reading series of only banned work. Then the thought of reading a whole play felt boring so the idea for Lost Words came where it would be a compilation of things. And then I got obsessed with plays about masturbation. I also wasn’t interested in doing the same shit over and over, reading the classics, I wanted to know what stirred people up.

LP: You’re really good at creating and producing lots of smaller one- off type events like Lost Words. What’s the draw for you?

PM: I like the idea of the one night art. It feels easy to do and it’s a way to take an idea, put it on it’s feet and see if it works. It’s also never just me on my own; I love collaborating with cool people. This city forces you to be resourceful which makes it great for art and hard for living.

LP: Now it’s time for some silly questions

PM: I love silly questions!

LP: When was the moment you decided you wanted to work in theatre?

PM: The very moment I was conceived

LP: Conceived or born?

PM: Conceived!

LP: Favourite thing about going to see theatre?

PM: A live story

LP: One thing that you would change about Vancouver if you could?

PM: For living to be cheaper and therefore easier live

LP: 3 things you’d want on a deserted island?

PM: Someone to love, a knife, wine

LP: Weird celebrity crush?

PM: Joaquin Phoenix in any of his many forms

LP: What really grinds your gears?

PM: The unwillingness to learn

LP: Weirdest thing you’ve done on stage?

PM: I’ve had to have orgasms while strangling someone to death and while describing being penetrated by an Irish worm demon. Those moments were in TWO separate plays.

LP: Can you impersonate anyone famous? I know you can…

PM: Donald Trump. The worst impersonation I do is Marlon Brando from The Godfather. (Does impression. Linda thinks she sounds like E.T).

LP: First job?

PM: In a Marshall’s commercial! They put me in the ugliest brown and orange top and I sold Thanksgiving.

LP: Something that you feel really passionate about this week?

PM: Defending my character and standing up for myself. 

Join us for Lost Words: POLITICAL on January 26th at The Emerald! More info and tickets available HERE


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