ASM Lois Dawson writes about HIVE

Assistant Stage Manager Lois Dawson writes about her experience working on our production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program:

I intended to sit down two weeks ago and write this in depth blog post that talked about the show we were creating and how it fit into the greater conversation that's happening about devised theatre, but obviously that didn't happen. (But you should still check out the conversation on devised work, especially the Arena Stage Convening.

Instead I find myself sitting here at my computer on closing night, thinking about what a fantastic journey these past three weeks have been.

On that first day of rehearsal we sat in the kitchen at Great Northern Way and told stories. We told stories about how we related to our homes & to our families. We listened to songs. We read old books. We talked about what we wanted this show to be. And we went from there.
During our week and a half of rehearsal, the show changed every day. Each time we thought we had it set, someone would come in the next day either with a concern or with a fantastic new idea we had to try. The rehearsal space was alive with ideas and energy.

And the response has been fantastic.

But now its time to say good bye. To move onto the next project. And to hope that in the near future my path will cross with that of each other person who worked on House/Home so we can create together again.

Lois' Prime Placement was sponsored by Pi Theatre.



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