Be a Part of Climate Change Theatre Action!

Climate Change Theatre Action

The Only Animal and Pi are working together to put on Climate Change Theatrical Action in Vancouver. TOA held one of these events two years ago, but this year it is twice the size, featuring 50 playwrights and over 200 theatres worldwide!

We are looking for individuals, collectives and companies to get involved and direct their own piece to spark conversations around climate change.

Are you interested? Here’s what we need you to do:  

Make sure you can do it: The show will be held November 12th at the Revue Stage on Granville Island. Your team must be available from noon-4, which includes a mini-tech.

Pick a play: Follow this link and read from the selection of plays commissioned by playwrights around the world.  All plays are between 1-5 min in length. Our producing team have chosen: Pi chose Jordan Tannahill's Nocturne piece, and TOA is doing Kendra's Idea Moose. Other than that, none have been spoken for. 

Send us your choices: Send an email to with your top THREE plays a bit about your vision for them by OCTOBER 12th at NOON. You can tell us who you'll be working with, why you responded to the material and how you plan to approach it. 

You can do whatever you want: without the use of fire (candles or smoking), and with the LX on or off! You can use any prop, sound or LX you can carry onstage in one trip.

Can't commit? PASS IT ON! This is an open call to all Vancouver directors/theatre makers. We have invited as many people as we can think of from well-established companies, to ad-hoc emerging artists. Help spread the word. 

Once we've received the submissions, we'll get back to you in a few days with more information. 

Questions? Email us at or and we will get back to you pronto.


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