Being a happy intern at Pi

Let me introduce myself and give you a glimpse into the life of an administrative assistant at Pi Theatre!

As I had to perform an internship as part of my studies in Cultural Management, I decided to take this occasion to leave France for a few months and to see what’s going on on the other side of the globe. I arrived at the end of August in sunny Vancouver and started to work with the wonderful Pi people at the beginning of September.

Since then, I have the opportunity to be involved in the preparation of our next show, after the quake, including, among other things: being in contact with the venue for our premiere party, promoting the show on different websites, taking part in the production meetings, coordinating the volunteers, managing our database, attending the rehearsals and… writing posts on our blog!

Speaking more on the long run, I have also worked on a database about plays, playwrights, newspapers and theatres from Quebec.

And also: the current context is certainly very difficult for a lot of companies and artists in British-Columbia, but for me it’s actually interesting to be here in the middle of the turmoil to better understand the political and cultural issues…

Last but not least, being here gives me the chance to improve my English, and also to see a lot of shows!



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