Black Lives Matter


Racism has been used throughout history to rationalise and normalise economic, emotional, and physical violence.  It’s a poison that inevitably makes us all sick.  Tolerating racism fuels an ongoing social pandemic that infects individuals, families, cities, and countries.  No-one is immune.   

Canada has its own sad history of race-based oppression and discrimination.  The crimes of the past have had an active and suppressive legacy that still manifests itself today – in the criminal justice system, in governmental and corporate policy, and in economic access and opportunity.  The result is that Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour in Canada work harder for fewer opportunities, and are systemically denied the advancement they earn. 

As a company that celebrates and interrogates the human experience, Pi Theatre stands with all people who are exposed to violence and more insidious forms of othering simply because they live in a particular body.  We recognise and celebrate the exciting animation of cultural spaces, programs, and even individual works of art that happen when diversity becomes an organising principle.   

There are many organisations working in different ways to support and challenge racialised violence.  This is done directly with legal support through organisations like the Pivot Legal Society, or through education, like that provided by like the BC Black History Awareness Society, and through the fight to un-erase Black spaces by organisations like Hogan’s Alley Society.  Pi will be making a donation to Hogan’s Alley Society in support of a contemporary Vancouver which creates spaces that foster Black excellence.


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