BLiNK 2012

Adam Henderson and Richard Wolfe

Adam Henderson and Richard Wolfe

BLiNK May 2012

BLiNK May 2012

The latest installment of BLiNK, Leaky Heaven Circus' performance for the modern attention span, happened last Saturday (May 19) at the Russian Hall.

Blink is an evening of small performance pieces one-minute or less. There's no restriction on content, just on time. I had a lot of fun participating for the second year in a row, this time with a piece called A Lesson on How to Create a Profitable Start Up by Boss Mangan from George Bernard Shaw's play Heartbreak House.

I was joined on stage by the inimitable Adam Henderson.

It was a great night with a number of unforgettable moments. Some with the proviso of "what happens at BLiNK, stays at BLiNK!"



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