Burning Doors by Belarus Free Theatre at On the Boards

We're happy to report that our friends at On the Boards in Seattle are presenting Burning Doors by Belarus Free Theatre from September 28 to October 1.

Belarus Free Theatre is one of the most politically charged theatre companies working today.

This description is taken from the On the Boards web site:

Where do you belong when your government suppresses your
basic right to expression? What do you do when the state imprisons you
for making art? How would you survive one of the most brutal prison
systems in the world? 

Belarus Free Theatre combines forces with Pussy Riot’s Maria
Alyokhina in her stage debut to tell the stories of three dissident
artists and to examine how art persists under oppression. As governments
clamp down and walls go up, this blazing production confronts today’s
most urgent issues in a searing performance that blends sensuous
theatricality and vigorous physicality. We see how artists living under
dictatorship illuminate the knife-edge of complacency in democratic
societies, reminding us of the true cost of freedom and the dangers of

★★★★ "A scorching piece of theatre: uncompromising, urgent and angry."
Financial Times


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