Catalan Connection

This weekend the Playwright’s Theatre Centre on Granville Island was the venue for Catalan Connection – readings of three plays from Catalonia, Spain, presented by Pi Theatre, Tant per Tant Saskatoon, PTC Vancouver, and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal. The purpose of the project was to introduce the playwrights and their work to international audiences and theatre professionals. The playwrights and creative team from Tant per Tant had already rehearsed and read each play in Saskatoon, so Vancouver was their second stop on the tour. They had a day and half to rehearse each piece with a group of Vancouver actors and a director. On Saturday evening audiences saw Girls Shouldn’t Play Soccer by Marta Buchaca, directed by Tant per Tant’s Artistic Director Tom Bentley-Fisher; and Buffalos by Pau Miró, directed by PTC Dramaturg and Acting Executive Director Heidi Taylor. Sunday evening’s reading was of Far from Nuuk by Pere Riera, directed by Pi Theatre Artistic Associate Adam Henderson. It was great to see how many people turned out on both evenings to hear three such fascinating and different works, and stayed to take part in the post-show talk backs, where there was some interesting debate between the playwrights, translators, directors, and the audience on how the three plays translated for a Canadian audience, and feedback from the playwrights about how useful their experience of being part of the rehearsals was.

(L-R) Elizabet Rafóls, Pere Riera, Tom Bentley-Fisher

Elizabet Rafóls, Pere Riera, Tom Bentley-Fisher

On Monday evening Pi’s Artistic Director Richard Wolfe hosted a very sociable evening for the Tant per Tant team and the playwrights to come together with several notable members of the Vancouver theatre community and discuss the project, before they left to repeat the process in Montreal. Thank you to everyone who came along and was part of the Catalan Connection!



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