Pi Theatre is grateful to all the Donors and Sponsors who have contributed so generously to our work. If you would like to join us in bringing the voices of the most audacious and relevant playwrights to life, you can donate online here, you can mail a cheque to our office, or you can stop by and donate in person. All donations are fully eligible for a tax receipt.

Our Donors

Connie Kostiuk & Richard Wolfe, Jane Westheuser, David Abramowitz, Andy & Ann Kostiuk, Thomas Hobley, Kathryn Shaw, Corey Ouellet, Diane Kent, Kristen Johnson, Karen Likness, Rob Maguire, Sheri & David Goldberg, Cecilia Lu, Ioana Birleanu, Adara Goldberg, Barbara Heller, Dayna Szyndrowski, Fran Goldberg, Julie Mortensen, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Dawn Padget, Emma Davis, Kaitlyn Meyer, Craig Jackson, Christine French, Shayna Goldberg, Aliya, Rozenberg, Dory Lanenter, Heather McEwen, Rob & Laura Padget, Gerald Kowalenko, Jennifer & Jason Fanjoy, Deborah Williams, Del Surjik, Johnna Wright, Ben Unterman, Kathleen Bjorseth, Michelle Bjornson, Fred Bantados, Miranda Huron, Jim Peskin, Ian Forsyth, Melanie Semlacher, Aaron Bushkowski, Norman Armour, and Christine Quintana. We'd also like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the province of BC through BC Gaming.



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