A few questions for costume designer Sheila White

After the Quake Costume Designer Sheila White took a few moments out of her busy schedule to tell us about the work she did for the show.

What sort of research have you done about Japanese clothing?

Fortunately the cast is of Asian descent so of course they had a lot to say about esthetics.

How are you dealing with Frog's costume?

There was a lot  of discussion over the character of frog. There are a lot of different ways one could go about costuming him. Firstly, one could be quite literal and make a huge lumbering frog costume. Or, one could pick up on the "essence" of frog by picking a few choice clothing pieces (gloves, scarf, glasses) and using them as representations.

Do some costume elements match the two stories?

We are working with the idea that each of the characters is a different side of Junpei so that all the characters have some sort of thematic element in common.

How are you dealing with actors who are playing two characters?

Dealing with actors who play ONLY two characters is easy. I just did a play where most of the ensemble played between 5 and 10 characters each!

Sheila's previous shows with Pi: The Invalids and Disposing of the Dead. Recent shows include The Miracle Worker, Top Girls and True West for The Vancouver Playhouse. White Christmas, The Altar Boys and Black Comedy for The Arts Club, Influence for Touchstone Theatre and Life Savers for Ruby Slippers Theatre. Upcoming shows include Hard Core Logo for November Theatre and The Opening Ceremonies for the Paralympics. Sheila is a member of The Associated Designers of Canada for which she sits on the Board.



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