Fundraising on Groupon

Back in late August the Pi office received an email from the folks at Groupon in Chicago telling us about a new initiative that they were launching in Vancouver called G-Team. Groupon were interested in using their service as a way to create awareness and raise funds for mission-based organizations. The lovely folks at Groupon had done some research into mission-based organizations in Vancouver and they wanted to invite Pi to be one of their first campaigns. And so, here we are!

Here's how the deal works. Pi is hoping to raise money to support the development of our Playwright-in-Residence Sean Devine's next script. You can contribute to the project through going here and clicking on Buy! If at least 40 people buy in to the deal, Pi will receive 100% of all the donations. Groupon won't retain anything, not even credit card service charges!

With only a minute of your time and for only $10, you can help us bring a brand new script to life. We'd love if you'd contribute!



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