Guest post from Bashir Lazhar ASM Annie Jang

After three weeks of rehearsals, several days of tech and a successful opening, Bashir Lazhar is up and running! Since this is my first time working on a professional show as an assistant stage manager, I thought I would give some insight into my experience, now that the hard part is over. Not that I’m saying this experience has been hard, quite the opposite—if it was hard, I was having too much fun to be thinking about it! To be honest, even before rehearsals started, the thought never crossed my mind that working on this show would be any different from the shows I worked on while studying at UBC. If anything, it is a lot simpler and for that I’m grateful! Having been an assistant stage manager several times over the last few years, it always makes me a little sad that we don’t ever get to see the show in its final form, as an audience member would see it…but I can effectively say that I am the only person who gets to see a mini shadow play every show from my home behind the scrim! Truly, I’ve had a lot of fun working for Pi Theatre on Bashir Lazhar and I look forward to the next two weeks of its run. Now (despite my eternal gratitude for a simple, stress-free job), if only I had a few more things to do backstage during the show…



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