House/Home Costume Designer Carmen Alatorre writes about HIVE

Carmen Alatorre is designing costumes for our upcoming production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program. Here’s what she has to say about the show:

Working for HIVE 3 has taken me to an unknown creative place. Although the collaborative factor is always present when producing theatre, my work in this project has expanded my understanding of what that word means.

About a month ago, none of us had a clear idea of what the piece was going to become. As a first step, our Director took us to the space in order to experience out what it conveyed in its vibration and architecture.  We all got together later on to talk about what each one of us saw through it and started developing a general concept to the piece.

Working as a group together with performers from very early stages in the process has been one of the most interesting aspects of this project for me.

While sometimes the idea of embracing the “not-knowing” (as Richard Wolfe well describes it) can make me nervous, learning to let the play become what it wants to be and to see it change directions at any given moment has been fascinating. I am very grateful to Pi Theatre and my sponsors through Prime Placements for this opportunity that no doubt, has pushed me beyond my own boundaries.

Carmen's Prime Placement was sponsored by Theatre at UBC and



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