House/Home Dancer Jacqueline Breakwell writes about HIVE

Jacqueline Breakwell is dancing in our upcoming production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program. She took some time out of her one day off from rehearsal to day to write a bit about her experience on the show:

So it is our first day off from rehearsal since we started this adventure. Wow! Time is going fast! I use the word adventure, because that is what this process has been. Meeting and working with the cast and crew as a unit towards making this piece has taken me to many different places. In exploring our possibilities we have gone from one side of the spectrum to the other, to somewhere where we didn’t think we would or could go and then back to something more concrete. I shouldn’t really say concrete as what we are creating morphs and changes and grows everyday we visit it. But it seems now that we have quite a solid grasp on what it is we want to send out into the universe.

It has been a lot of playing and trying new things. Finding what works and what doesn’t, and then finding what we thought worked didn’t and finding something way more on target for what we wanted to express. It really has been a different process then what I am used to. As we don’t have a script, there is much more time spent conversing about what we feel about the piece and what we want to say with it and such. With a script, most of that is done for you and you just add to it and style it to what you want. This is just everybody working on a different level and getting the opportunity to explore and create.

Speaking of opportunity, it has been a fantastic opportunity to come onto this project. Especially as a Prime Placement! I said before this is different then anything I have done, and it is nice to get a break from the usual Musical Theatre that I do. I also have the opportunity to work with some fantastic individuals. Everyone involved is so special and unique. I know that sounds sappy and cliché but it’s true! Everyone brings something different to the table (literally sometimes when we work at the table up in the kitchen) and we are able to use one person’s idea and flow with it into another as the piece expands and grows. I am very lucky and happy to be a part of this adventure!

I also have to say that the set and the costumes rock! We don’t have all the lighting elements in yet, but I know that those are gonna rock too. Everyone is so passionate about what they are doing. Now it is time to work out all the little bits. Another few days and we will be inviting you all over for a visit!

Jacqueline's Prime Placement was sponsored by Casting Workbook.



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