Introducing Ed Goodine!

Stray:  Ed Goodine

Introducing Ed Goodine:  musician / drummer for Stray 

A quick Q/A with Ed:

Pi Theatre:  What's your favourite band or song?

Ee:  Too many to chose

Pi:  What's your favourite actor?

E:  Charles Laughton

Pi:  What's your favourite quote?

​E:  Every body’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink.  Harry Dean Stanton in the movie UFOria

Pi:  What's the worst job ever had?

E:  Landscaping

Pi:  What's your favourite off-time activity?

E:  Walking

Pi:  What's your favourite book/play?

E:  East of Eden John Stienbeck

Pi:  What's your personal philosophy?

E:  No

Pi:  What's your greatest moment?

E:  The birth of my daughter

Pi:  What's something you would rather forget?

E:  I guess I forgot

Stray by Tanya Marquardt runs from 14-15 June!  Tickets available here.  


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