Introducing Ilena Lee Cramer!

Stray:  Ilena Lee Cramer

Introducing Ilena Lee Cramer:  stage manager for Stray

Ilena Lee Cramer has worked with many theatre companies in artistic, stage management, and administrative capacities. Ilena was the founding Artistic Director of Screaming Weenie Productions for which she produced and directed numerous original works ( As a designer her work has been seen in I needle Vancouver at the VAG for November Theatre, Life in the Theatre for Theatre Coop Theatre at the Playhouse, Anna for November Theatre / HIVE, Transmissions by Tanya Marquardt, as well as at SFU and for Rumble Productions. She has stage managed for many Vancouver companies, including Theatre Conspiracy, Pride Mainstage, and many Coronation Balls. Ilena is also an accomplished ceramic artist and teacher. She completed her BA in directing and design at the University of Alaska and in 1993, and studied performance in St. Petersburg with some of the foremost Russian theatres.

A quick Q/A with Ilena:  

Pi Theatre:  What is your favourite band or song?

Ilena:  Dreadnaughts and Ani Defranco

Pi:  What is your favourite lyric and why?

I:  “You better put some beauty back - while you got the energy” (Ani). or “Grey is such a Pity” (Ian Drury)

Pi:  What is your favourite actor?

I:  Tanya Marquardt

Pi:  What is your favourite quote?

I:  Any part of the Desiderata

Pi:  What is the worst job ever had?

I:  hmmm… I’ve had some real doozies. And the worst ones were usually pretty awesome.

Pi:  What is your favourite off-time activity?

I:  -NSFW-

Pi:  What is your favourite book/play?


Pi:  What is your personal philosophy?

I:  Show up. Try. Clean up.

Pi:  What is your greatest moment?

I:  This one… no - this one… gimme a sec… now!

Pi:  What is something you would rather forget?

I:  I forgot

Pi:  Do you have any other interesting or quirky skills/interests/hobbies?

I:  I’m a potter and I also sell vintage rusty stuff

Stray by Tanya Marquardt runs from 14-15 June!  Tickets available here.  

Find Ilena online:


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