Introducing Jon Wood!

Stray:  Jon Wood

Introducing Jon Wood:  guitar player for Stray

Jon Wood is a musician, producer and songwriter. In the mid ’90s he worked as a sideman multi-instrumentalist in many Vancouver bands including Coal, Psychomania and Auburn, while producing records for his own Flophouse jr project and independent Canadian artists including Herald Nix, Rae Spoon and the beige. Some of these recordings have lead to opportunities to tour North America and Europe as well as involvement in theatrical performances (The Meal, Stray, and Sun Belt: Cabalcor) at Club PuSh at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. Recently he co-developed and performed a multimedia performance piece with storyteller Ivan Coyote called Kraft Singles for Everybody and has been performing in Canada and Europe with long-time musical partner Cam Penner. Recent projects include: Flophouse jr’s new album Numbers and Snakes, a collaborative album with Bocephus King titled Lula as well At War with Reason with Cam Penner. 

Stray by Tanya Marquardt runs from 14-15 June!  Tickets available here.  

Find Jon online:

Facebook - Flophouse Jr

Bandcamp - Flophouse jr



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