Introducing Mariam Barry

Mariam Barry

Mariam Barry is a multidisciplinary artist from Norway and The Gambia.  As a creative, her approach to art-marking is intersectional and multi-hyphenate.  Mariam is an actor, writer, and producer in both theatre and film.  She is currently an artistic producer with Killjoy Theatre, an intersectional feminist theatre collective, and the co-creator of Breaking Borders, a performance crew for immigrant, newcomer and refugee artists.  Mariam has a BFA in Acting from UBC and loves telling stories that celebrate BlPOC voices.  Her select theatre and acting credits include: bcHub Artist Ensemble (b current theatre), Ashbridge (CBC), Snowpiercer (Netflix), 'da Kink In My Hair (Envision Festival/Boca del Lupo), Theory (Tremors Festival/Rumble Theatre).

Mariam Barry is a writer and performer in In Response to Alabama.  


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