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Today’s early session at the Kennedy Center was excellent. Shifting Boundaries: Perspectives from African American Dramaturgs – was a discussion of issues of race theory, aesthetics and the agency of theatre.  It was perhaps the most thoughtful and ultimately wide reaching sessions I’ve attended at the conference.

Potomac from Kennedy Center

Potomac from Kennedy Center

Our regional caucus meetings were in the Café at Kennedy Centre. Most of the discussion was centered on next year’s conference, which will be held at the Banff Centre.

Lunch was followed with a walk around George Town. A municipality founded in 1751 and absorbed into Washington in 1871. It was replete with the same shops I could find on Robson Street in Vancouver.  I felt ashamed walking into a Banana Republic, lured by the promise of a BIG sale.

Georgetown Shopping

Georgetown Shopping

The evening was the banquet at the infamous Watergate hotel. A place that’s to go on the auction block this coming Tuesday (update – no one made a bid). It was a great event. Brian Quirt won the Elliott Hayes Award for the second time for his work on City of Wine. His phrase of the evening: "Don't think big, think huge!"



The greatest things about these conferences are the people and the ideas they generate.

Found the conference bar afterwards (eventually).

Asleep by 3.



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