Local Upcoming Shows

There is so much great theatre to experience in Vancouver, and now
that things have quieted down for the moment at Pi, that frees you up
to take in as much theatre as you desire. A few upcoming shows that
we suggest are as follows:

One of Pi's own board members Christine Quintana wrote and is performing in a recession-era musical. Delinquent Theatre is proud to present Stationary: a Recession Era Musical playing at the Presentation House Theatre April 4-14.

Stationary explores the lives of 8 young people at a moment when big dreams meet reality checks. Saddled with crippling student loan debts, high cost of living and a recession-era economy, our young characters are just trying to get by in a “yoga and sushi-swilling succubus of a city.”

For more information on this show visit delinquenttheatre.com.

If you are looking for a morbid romp through Victorian funerary
culture, look no further than the Cultch from April 30 to May 4.

Highgate jumps straight from the darkest part of Tara Cheyenne
Friedenberg’s imagination. Reflecting personal and collective grief, a
band of figures captivate in this fascinating gothic dance of death,
physical oddity, humour, and horror.

For more information on this show visit thecultch.com.

If you are looking for adventurous, high energy, and sophisticated new
work by emerging companies and artists, visit the Cultch May 14 - 26.

rEvolver Theatre Festival is an Upintheair Theatre production bringing
audiences the full range of contemporary theatrical practice, from
script-based theatre to devised and site-specific works, staged
readings of work-in-progress, and in-depth discussions with artists.
Expect everything EXCEPT the Kitchen Sink.

For more information visit Upintheairtheatre.com.

For more information about the theatre scene, you can also check out
GVPTA's website for information about upcoming shows and Vancouver's performing arts organizations.



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