Meet Pi's Board of Directors (Part 1)

Pi recently held our 2014 AGM on November 24th with PTC, and in addition to holding two full AGMs in just over half an hour, we also welcomed some new members to our board of directors.

We thought we would introduce all of our directors and let them tell you a little about themselves. For our first blog post, they will talk about their favourite theatre experience.

Starting at the top, please meet our board President, Rob Maguire. Rob is an arts marketing consultant that has been with Pi since January 2013.

"One of my most memorable theatre experiences came in high school, where I was the pianist for our school’s production of Anything Goes by Cole Porter. Our drama teacher and director had a well-earned reputation for going big and demanding a lot from his students. He also had a history of battling the school principal during these epic productions, as she wasn’t a big fan of the intense production schedules, nor what she perceived to be risqué content in some of his play selections.

There were times where we’d be rehearsing into the wee hours of the morning, and the principal would seemingly appear out of nowhere in her housecoat, a livid glare in her eyes that said "get the f--- out!", no verbal explanation required. But it never really slowed him down, nor did it dissuade us. The camaraderie was exceptional. No one complained about the long hours, because we loved it. We’d spend breaks (or skipped classes) hidden up in the fly gallery, or huddled into corners of the decommissioned orchestra pit — these secret areas of the aging heritage building that only the theatre workers knew existed.

When I look back at my high school years, these were certainly some of my most enduring memories. To this day a wax armadillo (don’t ask) sits on my bookshelf to remind me of my brief but brilliant time in musical theatre."

Next up we have the first of our new Vice-Presidents, Corey Ouellet, who is an administrator with an arts management company. Corey became a board member in December 2013 and just took over the VP role.

"My favourite theatre experience involved a multi-room, site-specific show where we (the audience) walked through and followed the actors into a variety of rooms/environments as the show progressed. It was at Green College at UBC. The changing rooms drew me into the scene, the sitting at times right in the middle of the performance drew me into the ambience, and being so intimately close with the cast heightened my emotional connection to the show."

Next up we have our other new Vice-President, Kaitlyn Meyer, who is an associate with a law firm. Kaitlyn also joined Pi's board at our 2013 AGM and we really like her answer to our question.

"One of my favourite theatre experiences from the past year was seeing Pi's production of Between the Sheets. It was my first time attending a site-specific show and I was blow away with how captured I felt sitting in that classroom only feet away from the drama unfolding before me. This production was truly one of a kind."

And last up for this list is our second longest standing member, Christine Quintana, is a freelance theatre artist who works with different companies in many roles. She became a board member in February of 2012.

"Whether I am in a show, producing it, or just enjoying a performance, the moment just before the play begins is always my favourite. There's such electricity and anticipation in the space, and anything can happen. There's nothing like it."



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