Meet Pi's Board of Directors (Part 3)

And to continue with the remainder of our Board of Directors, we have another director who joined Pi at our 2013 AGM, Fred Bantados. Fred is an operations manager for a technology company.

Fred couldn’t settle on his favourite theatre experience, but we thought that instead we would share what brought him to Pi in the first place. He was looking for a board to join, but wanted to find one that connected to him. That was when he saw our name and logo, and he was sold! We're thrilled to have Fred be a part of our Pi family.

Now we come to the newest directors on Pi's board. These two ladies joined us at our 2014 AGM. The first is Ioana Birleanu, the associate territory account manager for a telecommunications organization. Ioana sought Pi out because she thought we were an interesting company and is excited to be on the board.
“My favourite experience was in one of the oldest theatres in Bucharest, during a summer play, when the roof of the building opened up (it sometimes does during summer) and we saw the play in sunset light - very cool :) one of the best theatres in Eastern Europe, arguably (but I may be biased) – Teatrul Odeon”

Christine French has been involved with Pi on our Governance Board for the past few years, but only this year did she actually join as a director. Christine is a manager working in sustainable building initiatives.

“Belfry’s Spark Festival. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a one-person audience for a micro-performance that involved me dressed in costume, sitting alone in a closet that was staged to feel like a New Year’s Eve floor show in the 1940’s. The piece played out through headphones that recounted “my” story of missed connections and lost love. It toyed with my senses in a way no other theatre experience ever has; when I think back, I can still smell the melting ice cream and abandoned champagne cocktails. This 20 minute piece of micro-theatre was totally unique – it was a really special kind of immersive theatre, and I was one of only a few people who were lucky enough to experience it.”




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