Our new Associate AD on her first week

Keltie Forsyth

Our new Associate Artistic Director, Keltie Forsyth, is here and she's written a blog for us on her first full week in the office.

It’s raining in Vancouver, and I’m wishing I’d brought the big scarf that doubles as a shawl that my mother-in-law bought me last Christmas. It is chilly in the Pi offices – above the mixed martial arts studio on Gore street – now that fall has taken hold so completely. I also couldn’t be happier. It helps that I’m taking a break from pounding out a New Chapter grant application to write this post, but that isn’t really it.

I’m just so damn happy to be working in a theatre again!

I was a child who loved school, who performed well in institutional settings, and I still do. I have the spirit of an indie producer, but the heart of good-old-fashioned member of an arts organization. I love theatres. I love sitting in a chilly office in a sketchy-but-awesome neighbourhood in a building that almost no one in the city could identify as a cultural institution doing the gritty work that makes art possible. I love PACT conference calls and digging through the CTA and getting shipping quotes for budgets for projects that I won’t do for 18 months. Or at all.

And I love that I’m at Pi. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you follow Pi. And if you follow Pi, it’s because you saw one of their shows and it blew your mind. Or changed your life.
Invisible Hand!

I’m here because I admire Richard. Not that I’m alone, of course. So, I guess I’m here because I admire Richard and I managed to summon the courage to ask him if I could intern with him for a year.

So, one only slightly awkward conversation (I’m not good at asking these things),
       one grant application,
               one summer spent with fingers crossed
                       and one awesome letter later

…and here I am.

And just to top things off, we are about to go into rehearsal for Long Division, a new play with a beautiful script, ambitious set and use of projections, an amazing cast and creative team, and I get to be the assistant director.

In case you are wondering, often most of the job of the assistant director is to sit, watch, keep your mouth shut and maybe – if you’re lucky – be a sounding board for the director after rehearsal. Sometimes you do research. Sometimes you get to work with the actors. It depends on the play, on the process and on the director. And any way it shakes down, I’m happy. Because I know I’m going to learn so much watching this process unfold. I’m excited to be a part of bringing this beautiful piece to the stage, and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

But for now, I’m going to finish that grant.


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Stephen Heatley (not verified) on
Keltie - this is terrific! You and Richard Wolfe will be an amazing team.


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