PACT 2012

PACT President Eric Coates Has Something to Say

PACT President Eric Coates Has Something to Say

PACT PD Manager Boomer Stacey Listens Intently

PACT PD Manager Boomer Stacey Listens Intently

The 35th annual PACT conference was held in Grand Bend Ontario last week. Pi was fully represented by myself and our GM Becky Low. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to see colleagues we rarely get to see, talk theatre, engage in fabulous PD sessions and, in the end (this being a ratification year) vote on whether or not to accept recommendations to ratify the CTA.

The conference was called Being Alone - Becoming Many.

As written by PACT PD manager Boomer Stacey, "this statement resonates for me on many levels; whether engaged in a collaborative creative process or not, it speaks to the challenges, transition and achievements of going from individual vision through to raising the curtain on opening night; it speaks to individuals and companies coming together from across Canada to participate in discussion, dialogue and debate."

Our Keynote speaker was the thoughtful and articulate David Harradine, Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep in the UK.

It was a fabulous conference and a great affirmation of the strength of Canadian Theatre.

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