Pi Given Obstructions

Richard Wolfe was on-stage this past Saturday, June 30th, to receive Pi's obstructions for a performance scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 24th.

The obstructions are:

1. Pi must make a show for an audience of young children with at least one child under the age of 12 in the cast.

2. The piece must incorporate use of structured improvisation and audience participation.

3. It must be unsophisticated.

Richard is looking forward to the challenge and has already ordered several whoopee-cushions and a crate of Double Bubble to provide inspiration.

Saturday night's show was the second in the Obstructions series and saw Felix Culpa unveil their creation of a site-specific work at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. The performance reflected the lives of Felix Culpa's founders David Bloom and Linda Quibell through the metaphor of marriage.

The third OBSTRUCTIONS performance is being created by Radix Theatre. They'll be taking up their challenge July 28th at PL 1422.



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