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Pi's Push Picks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No sillies, not Christmas again, it is PuSh time! The Pi office is abuzz; programs have been circled, pennies saved and tickets booked! We are all set for the 2016 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

As you know, Pi’s interest is theatre that is bold and uncompromising; the type that stimulates and gets you talking. With that in mind, here are our 2016 Push Fest picks:

Jack Charles V. The Crown  - Jack Charles is the guy on the PuSh program. He belongs to Australia’s “stolen generation”, Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents by the government during the 20th century. Here he tells his story and presents a case.

Who picked it? Richard, Pi’s Artistic Director

Why? Jack Charles is a 73-year-old Aboriginal man from Australia. Born in the early 1940’s and raised in a boy’s home as the only indigenous boy in the cohort, Charles has seen a lot of life. You might say he and his life are film-worthy. And in fact, Jack Charles is the subject of Amiel Courtin-Wilson's 2008 documentary Bastardy.  (There is a clip from the film in the play, but the whole movie is being screened by PuSh on January 20th). The film's tagline describes Mr. Charles as: "Addict. Homosexual. Cat burglar. Actor. Aboriginal." It seems to me Jack Charles represents the essence of bold and uncompromising. I’m looking forward to engaging with his perceptions of the world.

Century Song  - Described as a “live performance hybrid” Century Song combines music, dance, visual art and film to journey through our shared human history. Canadian soprano Neema Bickersteth is the guide.

Who picked it? Shayna, Pi’s General Manager

Why? After seeing The Four Horsemen Project last year, I was interested in seeing more from Toronto’s Volcano Theatre. The mixture of movement, as well as the projections incorporated into that work only made me more curious when I saw that Century Song was coming to PuSh this year. I am drawn to the bold combination of song, dance, theatre and projection and how it tells the story of women over the past 100 years - something that I have never seen before.

Intimacy  - from Ranters Theatre in Australia, a show comprised of stories collected from strangers about their most intimate moments and secrets. 

Who picked it? Linda, Pi’s Associate Producer

Why? I love the idea behind it- the creator, searching for human connection, went out on to the street one night and had conversations with strangers, which he recorded and used to generate a performance. It seems like a brave move in our current world where we talk more with our computers and phones than with our mouths or hearts. Also, being Australian and having lived in Melbourne, I’m really interested to see what kind of work they are creating over there!  

We’d love to hear your suggestions! What are you going to see? 


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Norman Armour (not verified) on
Great choices guys. Thank you for the colossul shout out.


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