Prime Placement Annie

Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing you to our production team for Bashir Lazhar in this space.  Production is always such an exciting time, when we get to engage with so many more artists and theatre professionals than in our admin time. We're really excited about the people we're working with for Bashir Lazhar.  Meet the gang!

Meet Annie! Annie is our Apprentice Stage Manager for Bashir Lazhar, and she is participating in Pi’s Prime Placements program, which provides opportunities for emerging artists to gain professional experience and mentorship. Annie is just starting out as a Stage Manager, after her studies in UBC’s Theatre Program. This is her first professional production. She’ll be working alongside SM guru DK, one of the best mentors around.

This week is the SM prep week for the show, so Annie and DK will be getting everything ready for rehearsals, which start on Tuesday.



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