Richard Writes About our Remount of "after the quake"

We’re thrilled to have been asked by Heather Redfern, ED of the Cultch, to open their 2010 / 2011 season. For those who didn’t see the show last year,  after the quake is a theatrical adaptation of two short stories (Superfrog Saves Tokyo and Honey Pie) by Haruki Murakami. They are both from the collection entitled after the quake and are set in the months that fell between the Kobe earthquake and the sarin gas attacks on Tokyo subway. They present a world marked by despair, hope, and a kind of human instinct for transformation. The adaptation was done by Frank Galati of Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, but we had the short stories in our rehearsal room in both English and the original Japanese which could be read by several people on our team.

As my directing partner Craig Hall said: “This show, with it’s two distinct stories, was the perfect vehicle for a directorial collaboration. Richard and I were able to establish our unique visions and then to interlace them without confusing the cast or the design team. It was a pleasure to share a role that is traditionally a very solitary pursuit.” I couldn’t agree more.

With the entire team intact, rehearsals are going really well. The only new person involved is Hiro Kanagawa taking over from Kevin Otsuji. Hiro is a fabulous actor and is bringing his own character to the role, causing everyone else to respond in fresh and exciting ways.  The space itself will bring a lot to the playgoer’s experience. The Cultch is a jewel in terms of venues in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful place to watch a show and with the new wine bar, a great place to hang out before or after to relax and talk about art, politics or even the weather.

Hope to see you there.



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