The character of Sala in After the Quake is played by Leina Dueck, who is 10. What does she think about her role in the show?

"It was great to be acting with my mom!  All the adults were so kind and funny!! I enjoyed it a lot."
"I enjoyed creating my character, Sala and playing her.  But I don't like screaming every night.......I don't want to hurt the audience's ears!"
For more about Leina and her work in the show, check out this interview in the North Shore News with Leina and her mom, Manami Hara, who plays Sayoko in the show.

This is Leina playing Sala:

quake production small-69

Her costume is the school uniform her aunt wore as a child. Here's a photo of her aunt Keiko in 1987 at Tokyo Disneyland!




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