See you all next year!

We're wrapping up 2007-2008—and what a year it was!  A few highlights we're proud of:

We launched our groundbreaking free access program that gave theatergoers free admission to every one of the shows in our season.  The program was a huge success, providing cultural access to those who may not often find themselves able to participate in the artistic offerings of our community because of their financial situation.

We produced John & Beatrice, the first show at the new PAL Vancouver Theatre, to critical acclaim and sold out houses.  John & Beatrice was an extraordinary night in the theatre.  The show was nominated for four Jessie Richardson awards: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role (Vince Gale) and Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role (Karen Rae).

We announced a $100,000 private donation, unprecedented support for our work from an anonymous donor, who has this to say:

Small theatre is at the core of our cultural experiences, and while making my donation to Pi theatre  I felt a special reward, for I was aware that I was contributing to the continuance and growth of this vital art form. There was also the special fulfillment in the knowledge that I was helping others.

This gift was in support of our production The 8th Land, a new Canadian play that was by far Pi’s most ambitious original project to date.   A highly theatrical environmental tragedy in classic Greek style, with live music, choreography, The 8th Land elicited more audience response in terms of post-show discussion and feedback than any recent Pi Theatre production. This show also involved more than 10 Prime Placement artists.

We said goodbye to Artistic Director Del Surjik and General Manager Tammy Isaacson, who've moved on to new and exciting adventures.

We welcomed new Artistic Director Richard Wolfe and new General Manager Emma Luna Davis.

We've got lots of exciting plans for 2008-2009 so stay tuned!



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