Set Designer Roxana Chapela writes about House/Home

Roxana Chapela designed the set for our production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program. Here’s what she has to say about the show:

AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I really enjoyed the creative process in which Richard Wolfe led us towards making this piece. We made it by exploring our own feelings about being at home and I can tell this play has a bit of everyone that was involved in it. I had a really good time during the whole process and in the end I'm pleased to say that I learned a lot from everyone in my team.

The artistic concept was all about home and perception. This is why I played around with many common elements of a regular house (doors, windows, etc.). Then I put them all in a way to play with the perception of the audience, because finally we all perceive life from our unique point of view.

When we got to the Centre for New Digital Media and started building and realizing all the drafts, colors, and started carving away at the general idea it was amazing and I felt like I was playing around in a big artistic camp sharing this wonderful space with a lot of talented people. What an experience!

I can now say I have fallen in love with theatre in Vancouver and also I’m very grateful to be a part of the Prime Placements Program!

Roxana's placement was sponsored by Ian Forsyth.



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