The Events: Luisa Jojic

Luisa Jojic

Pi is excited to welcome Luisa Jojic to our cast for The Events. She'll be playing the role of Claire, a priest who directs a community choir. We asked Luisa to write us a blog, so below she shares what she is looking forward to with The Events.

"I am beyond excited to begin rehearsal on The Events. I have been prepping for the last couple of months, immersing myself in the ideas, words and world of the script, researching and getting ready to get into the room and start bringing David Grieg's characters and ideas to life. 

I am looking forward to the incredible opportunity to dive into this searing, beautiful, devastating, hopeful piece of writing with an amazing cast, director and creative team. I am looking forward to the excitement of working with a different community choir for each performance(!), to bringing this story to life in the warmth and history of the Russian Hall, and to embodying this journey of trauma and forgiveness to the best of my capacity as an artist and human being. And I am looking forward to being a part of taking our audiences through this complex and challenging piece of theatre, to emerge hopeful from the performances of this play, reminded of and made stronger the thing that exists within each of us to forgive ourselves and each other for the possibilities of atrocity that we as humans are capable of."
- Luisa Jojic


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