Throwback Thursday #4

Pi Theatre

In the 1990/1991 season, Pink Ink used a quote to promote what it was that the company did: “If art does not outrage, does not provoke, then it is of no value.” - Pier Paulo Pasolini Also in 1990, Cindy Block wrote an article about Pink Ink in the Playboard, saying that: “This is what Pink Ink is all about. Since its genesis in 1985, this unique theatre company, under the direction of Sandhano Schultze, has been committed to providing audiences with an intellectual challenge that refreshingly moves beyond mainstream theatre. This commitment to provocative, timulating theatre along with a lot of determination, guts and imagination has earned them their own niche in the Vancouver theatre scene. Their productions have inspired such adjectives as “potent, intelligent, stimulating, vulnerable and dazzling,” from the critics…

Since Pi’s mission today is to produce bold and uncompromising works that explore modern life, we definitely haven’t strayed too far from the core roots of the company. Over the past 3 decades, Pi has established itself within the Vancouver theatre industry as a company that produces ambitious shows with innovative designs and high production values. Do you think that in thirty years the company will still be connecting audience with plays that are intellectually alive and emotionally charged?  



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