Throwback Thursdays #1

Since we have received our 30th anniversary mark, we decided to take a look back at the many productions that Pi has worked on over the years. Ever few Thursday we will post a blog that revisits Pi's past.


If we start at the beginning, the company was founded as Pink Ink Co-op in 1984 by Sandhano Schultze. He has decided to put on a production here in Vancouver that he had successfully presented in Germany in the past. Ratz by Peter Turrini was translated by the cast and crew, and was the first production by the newly established company in 1985. To make this show possible, Pink Ink took over and converted an ancient brick warehouse in Gastown.

Reviewer Tom Hawthorne said that “The notion is to confront passivity with screaming harangues delivered squarely at the audience.”.


Here are some images from the inaugural production of Pink Ink.


-       Pat Bermel and Helen Denhaan



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