Throwback Thursdays #2

The next production we’re going to revisit in our Throwback Thursdays is Aunt Dan and Lemon.

This show, produced in 1989, takes us into the world of the young recluse, Lemon, so nicknamed by her parents’ friend, Aunt Dan. The relationship that develops between Lemon and Aunt Dan forms the focus of this play about political orientation and the allure of certain ideas – even when they lead to murder.

Aunt Dan and Lemon won a Jessie award for Outstanding Performance (lead), and received nominations for Outstanding Direction and Performance (supporting).

The show was a co-production with the Vancouver Little Theatre, and it received rave reviews, even from the playwright himself! Colin Thomas from the Georgia Straight said that it's “laudable that Pink Ink and the Vancouver Little Theatre Association, both so-called “small” theatres, consistently come up with such “big” productions: both big in the scope of their ideas and in their artistic achievement.”

But even more fitting to who Pink Ink was, and Pi still is, is from Jennifer Martin at the Western News: “Aunt Dan and Lemon is not an easy evening of theatre. It will challenge you, provoke you and make you see the necessity of constant vigilance against the persuasive logic that excuses crimes against humanity.”
Here's a photo of actresses Annabel Kershaw and Jennifer Griffin (photo by Stephen Mitchell):

Aunt Dan and Lemon

As well, Pink Ink received a letter from the playwright himself, Wallace Shawn:

letter from wallace shawn



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