Throwback Thursdays #3

Throwback Thursdays continues with Julia Schofield’s Love on the Plastic, which was produced in January 1990.

This play, which is set in a Mayfair nightclub, is about the purchase and sale of illusion at the expense of human lives – where money is the real aphrodisiac and the ultimate answer. The audience hears the stories of 12 characters as they are skillfully woven into the fabric of a night at the club, and presents us with raw facts about the world of high-class prostitution and insights into why women in our society continue to play this role.

“A grittily convincing in-the-round production of Julia Schfield’s clear-eyed look at the upmarket sex-for-sale, Love on the Plastic, by Pink Ink.” The province, Max Wyman

Our production received a nomination for Outstanding Lighting Design for Del Surjik, who later went on to become the next AD of Pink Ink.  Both the lighting and set design, by Susan Madsen, were praised with transforming the space that allowed the audience to be swept away with the show. Alison Appelbe from the Vancouver Courier said that “One of Schultze’s stated goals is to ‘challenge the role of the audience’ and provide theatre environments that draw in mute observers. This show does that.”.

Here's a photo of actors Brenda Crichlow, Marek Czuma, Beata van Berkom and Ian Morton, and then one of the club.


Love on the Plastic

-       Photos by Stephen Mitchell




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