Todd Thomson talks HIVE

Todd Thomson is The Man in our upcoming production of House/Home at Hive. He took some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to write a bit about his experience in the show:

HIVE THREE!!!  AMAZING!  Hive represents an unparalleled opportunity for artists from all disciplines of theatre (lighting, set-design, costumes, stage-management, acting, directing, etc, etc, etc,) to come together and create theatre.  For me, the feeling of camaraderie and unity that Hive engenders among artists is what makes this event so unique and praiseworthy.

Theatre creation can be a “sticky-bit-of-business.”  My participation in Hive has only furthered my understanding that  very few rules exist when creating a piece of work.  Inspiration can come from a song, an image, a quote, a word, a physical movement, a conversation you’ve overheard and/or looking out the window while sipping you’re morning cup of coffee.  The process of integrating these ideas into a distilled, though not necessarily linear, piece of theatre, coupled with the perceptions of these ideas by individual artists is the tricky, yet beautiful process that we, at Pi Theatre, are currently undertaking.

In today’s world it is easy to feel isolated and/or detached from  oneself and the world around us.  I feel at Hive, an incredible sense of community and belonging and it is my belief that this feeling will be translated to the audiences that come to see HIVE.

Todd is thrilled to be participating in HIVE 3 with Pi Theatre. Previous theatre credits include; The Flannigan Affair with the Electric Company at Hive 2, My Acid Trip (Solo Collective), Refugee Hotel (Theatre Passe Muraille) The Patient Hour (Tarragon Theatre), The Bond (Pound of Flesh Theatre Company Espresso (Pacific Theatre), Kilt (Belfry Theatre), and four seasons with Bard on the Beach.



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