Tonight's the night!

Blasted / Jessie's

Tonight, Pi Theatre will join the Vancouver theatre community at The 33rd Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards.

We'll be celebrating our production of Blasted by Sarah Kane, which is nominated for eight awards - the most nominations for any single production. If you missed it, Blasted was an incredible show that made people sad, angry, confused, upset, and probably evoked many other feelings. But most of all, it got people talking, which was one of our main reasons for bringing it to the stage. We were overwhelmed by the responses and feedback from critics and audience members alike, and we cannot express how honoured we are to have received the nominations. 

Soon we'll be at the Commodore Ballroom, partying with all the other deserving companies that have been nominated, and we know that it is going to be a fantastic night!


It would not be possible for Pi to produce a work like Blasted if it were not for our funders, our congregation, our board of directors, and the ridiculously talented team that we worked with on this show. Whether we win tonight or not, we know that this was the best 30th anniversary that Pi could have asked for, and so we thank all of you who were a part of it. That said, fingers crossed that we win!


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