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Gord G
March 9, 2016

Gordon Grdina is a Juno award-winning musician, and we’re excited that he joined the Pi team this season as the composer for The Invisible Hand. Gordon is an accomplished Oud/Guitarist whose sound is a combination of his interests in mainstream jazz, free-form improvisation and Arabic classical music. Gordon leads the Gord Grdina Trio, Persian contemporary ensemble Qalander and is half of the free-punk duo Peregrine Falls. He is also a long-standing member of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith.

Pi is presenting Gordon in concert with The Fathieh Honari Ensemble on March 17th at the Fox Cabaret. We sat...

Jeff Gladstone
March 3, 2016


Meet Pi Artistic Associate Jeff Gladstone! Jeff is the co-creator of Pi's Lost Words series with Pippa Mackie (who you can read about here). Associate Producer sat down with Jeff to find out just what goes on inside his head.


Linda Pitt: Who is Jeff Gladstone?

Jeff Gladstone: An odd duck


LP: Where did the idea for Lost Words come from?

JG: About five to ten years ago I was on tour and watched a documentary about George Ryga and really related to what he had done; he had something that he wanted to say that didn’t fit with the norm. He pushed the edge of the right thing at the right time with...

Pippa Mackie
January 20, 2016


Meet Pi Artistic Associate Pippa Mackie! Pippa is the co-creator of our Lost Words series with Jeff Gladstone. Associate Producer Linda sat down with Pippa this week to uncover all her secrets! 

Linda Pitt: Who is Pippa Mackie?

Pippa Mackie: Trouble.

LP: You’re first show with Pi was Terminus in 2013, what was that like?

PM: I felt a bigger sense of responsibility with Terminus than with any other show I’ve done. Partly because of the accent (Irish) which I wanted to get accurate and partly because none of the characters talk to each other, so it’s all you. Terminus had the biggest shift from...

Pi's Push Picks
January 18, 2016


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No sillies, not Christmas again, it is PuSh time! The Pi office is abuzz; programs have been circled, pennies saved and tickets booked! We are all set for the 2016 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

As you know, Pi’s interest is theatre that is bold and uncompromising; the type that stimulates and gets you talking. With that in mind, here are our 2016 Push Fest picks:

Jack Charles V. The Crown  - Jack Charles is the guy on the PuSh program. He belongs to Australia’s “stolen generation”, Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents by...

Pi Blasted
January 6, 2016

We’re back in the office after a rejuvenating winter break and ready to take 2016 by the horns! We’re at it again, working hard to create theatre that stimulates, inspires and leaves you breathless. Before we move on though we’d like to make a toast to 2015 and all that was achieved!

Pi’s production of Blasted, directed by Pi’s AD Richard Wolfe made it on to both the and the Courier’s top shows of 2015 lists!

Empire of the Son -Raymond Shum

Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre’s production of Empire of the Son, also directed by Richard Wolfe made quite the impact as well, showing up on the Sun’s, the Courier’s, Vancouver...

Delicious Pazzo Chow
December 22, 2015

Are you still frantically looking for gifts for family and friends? Save yourself a trip to the mall and preserve your sanity; we’ve come up with a few simple last minute gift ideas!

Gift box from Pazzo Chow
Pazzo Chow’s lunches are a staple in the Pi office. This little Italian deli in the heart of Chinatown has gift boxes filled with an assortment of luxurious treats including pastas, sauces, oils and candies. The perfect gift for the foodie in your life!

Check them out here:

Tickets to The Invisible Hand
The ultimate gift for a Pi supporter! Tickets are on sale now for...





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