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July 20, 2009

The end of July marks the end of our season and our fiscal year. We had two great shows, including new Artistic Director Richard Wolfe's Pi Theatre debut, the 'haunting' Bashir Lazhar. If you saw Bashir or the remount of the 'riveting' John & Beatrice, we really hope you enjoyed the show and we'd love to hear your feedback — drop us a line! On behalf of Richard and I, thank you so much for being part of our season.

Many of you have also generously donated to Pi this year as well. We are very appreciative of your support, which makes a significant impact on our ability to bring you the...

July 19, 2009


The final session of the conference at 10 AM Sunday morning was entitled Theatre of War. It was an astonishing presentation. Director and Greek scholar Bryan Doerries presented the conceptual framework for his project with examples from his translations of Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes. The goal of his work is to destigmatize psychological injury through ancient stories about warriors struggling to be heard. Given the military context of service in 5th Century BCE, Doerries theories on the relationships between the Athenian drama of Dionysus and the military culture of the city of...

July 18, 2009


Today’s early session at the Kennedy Center was excellent. Shifting Boundaries: Perspectives from African American Dramaturgs – was a discussion of issues of race theory, aesthetics and the agency of theatre.  It was perhaps the most thoughtful and ultimately wide reaching sessions I’ve attended at the conference.

Potomac from Kennedy Center

Potomac from Kennedy Center

Our regional caucus meetings were in the Café at Kennedy Centre. Most of the discussion was centered on next year’s conference, which will be held at the Banff Centre.

Lunch was followed with a walk around George Town. A municipality founded in...

July 17, 2009


The sessions in DC started quite late. Today’s session on dramaturging the museum started at 1:30, but since I was using the whole city as my point of departure, I decided head off on my own.

The Spy Museum store clerk liked my Motherland Sputnik t-shirt. I was pleased.

My first session of the day was on International Dramaturgy and it was held at the Canadian embassy, which is a truly beautiful building designed by Arthur Erickson.

Erickson Embassy DC

Erickson Embassy DC

Erickson Embassy Two

Erickson Embassy Two

I was thrilled to meet panelist Robyn Quick (Towson University), a kindred spirit who has taken an interest in...

July 16, 2009


Today I moved to my new apartment in Foggy Bottom. As part of my Dramaturging DC effort, I felt it was necessary to stay in a couple of neighborhoods.



After I deposited my suitcase in my new flat, it was off to Woolly Mammoth theatre, to register for the conference proper. The theme of the conference was “Out of Bounds: Inspiration from Outside Theatre”. The first session was the university caucus, which I always enjoy. The second was entitled “Dramaturging Politics” which presented three young individuals who were involved in writing the narrative of the nation. One of them...

July 15, 2009


This is my last day before the conference officially begins.  After doing some office work I prepared for a trip to Arlington Cemetery, one of the most iconographic sites in the USofA. I was late leaving my place and found myself grabbing a corner breakfast at Starbucks, a first for me, but it was fast food and it came with coffee.

There’s a Metro stop at Arlington Cemetery one stop from the Pentagon (Jose Rivera calls that iconographic building "the five-sided beast" in Marisol, his surreal apocalyptic play). Arlington Cemetery itself is a grand place. Row after row of white tomb...



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