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Chalice Choir, Unitarian Church
December 8, 2017

The Events is coming up and that means it is time to showcase our choirs! 

First up, for our January 19, 2018 performance is the Unitarian Church's Chalice Choir

The Unitarian Church is known as being a centre for musical performances and gatherings. The Church has a number of music programs, and also hosts performances, benefits and recitals! The Chalice Choir is under the direction of Donna Brown, a teacher and passionate singer who loves the challenge of a new piece of music - and is excited for the challenge of The Events.

We're very excited to have Donna and her choir on board for...

Lynn Valley Voices
November 30, 2017

The Events is coming up and that means it is time to showcase our choirs! 

First up, for our opening night performance on January 18, 2018 is the Lynn Valley Voices

Under the direction of Frank Chu, this group welcomes anyone that has a passion for singing and want to share that passion by singing in an ensemble! This choir is a non-auditioned choral group that sings a variety of musical styles that focus on the themes of compassion, beauty, inclusivity, harmony and humour. They also like to draw on the wisdowm of world music that represents many cultures and traditions.

This fantastic choir...

Anais West
November 23, 2017

Jumping Into Breath:
The Queer Female Protagonist in David Grieg’s The Events     

I wanted to start my first post as Associate Artistic Producer of Pi Theatre by diving straight into conflict. I like my theatre confrontational and I like to embody that in my writing as well.

Last night, I tried to watch a Canadian lesbian indie film. I could barely get through the first fifteen minutes. What ultimately disinterested me was how clichéd the queer female representation was. I’m tired of seeing the same old tropes: the confused bisexuals, the predatory lesbians, the fetishization of relationships...

Lady Parts in Pi Provocateurs
November 20, 2017

Cheyenne and Katey are getting ready for Episode 2 of Lady Parts, BRAINS! Want to know a bit more about what you can expect? Read their blog below!

Have you ever been interrupted when you’re talking?

Have you ever presented an idea and were ignored and then a man presented the very same idea and he was praised?

Have you ever been a UN Human Rights lawyer but been introduced as “George Clooney’s Wife”?

Well we have. Our inspiration for BRAINS came from our experiences and those of the intelligent women in our community. Ask any woman and she will have a story for you—a story of being...

John Browne
November 6, 2017

This upcoming January Pi is producing an incredible work - The Events. This piece was created by playwright David Greig with music by composer John Browne. We were able to get in touch with John Browne, the composer, and he answered some of our questions! Read his answers below.

Tell us three things about yourself – other then the fact that you’re a composer.

I’m Irish. From Cork.

I once flew from New York to Ottawa and paid on the plane! Mid-flight, the air steward walked up and down the aisle and one by one we handed over our money. This is true. I was studying in New York and en route to...

Ariel Martz-Oberlander
October 31, 2017

This blog comes to us from the Stage Manager for the Climate Change Theatre Action event taking place on November 12th. Ariel Martz-Oberlander will also be performing with The Only Animal in their piece.

Asking me my feelings about climate change is like asking me my feelings about my own existence. It is such a complex web, I cannot begin to identify the strands, and even feel that if I let myself look at it, the answer will shake me in a way I will not able to stand. I carry this thing we call climate change in my body every day. I don’t put a lot of store in the idea that we are at all...





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