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Haley McGee
May 31, 2017

Pi Theatre is excited to be the presenting partner for Haley McGee's I'm Doing This For You at the rEvolver Festival, and it opens tonight! 

Haley is a fantastic artist from Toronto, and to introduce her a bit more to Vancouver, Richard decided to ask her 10 questions. Check out her answers below and don't miss I'm Doing This For You running only until June 3rd.

1.     What is your greatest fear?
That love doesn’t exist for me.  That I’m poison to the people who love me. That what I’m contributing to the world is futile. 
2.     What calms you down?
Being around trees and looking at the sky.
3.     When are...

Venn Diagram
April 19, 2017

Math Cheat Sheet for Long Division

Are you a bit nervous that you’ll get lost in the math of Long Division? Well don’t worry! We have your cheat sheet here.
But the most important thing is to focus on what the characters is talking about! It’s not about a formula or the math itself, but really about the metaphors and connections.

Cardinal, Ordinal and Nominal Numbers
Cardinal numbers – known as the counting numbers, indicate quantity.
Ordinal numbers – indicate the order or rank of things in a set.
Nominal numbers – name or identify something and do not show quantity or rank.

Venn Diagrams...

Genetic Drift
April 3, 2017

We asked Tom Jones to write a blog entry for us about his experience becoming Gary 3. Read it here:

Welcome to the future and Gary 3 is going to tell you about it. Preparing to play Gary 3 has involved looking into climate change and the circumstances that lead to his speculative world as well as delving into this character. A human who also bears genetic material from a microscopic creature called a Tardegrade.
The Tardegrade is “microscopic water creature grows to just over 1 mm on average, and is the only animal that can survive in the harsh environment of space. It can also withstand...

Factory Theatre Lobby
January 30, 2017

Richard was in Toronto recently for the first week of the Factory Theatre run of Empire of the Son. Here's what he has to say about his trip.

Toronto was great. Vibrant city. Great art. Empire of the Son was very well received and our hosts at Factory were very supportive. VACT is thrilled with the tour as was Pi, and I’m sure our man Tetsuro was in fine form on closing night. GM Shayna was back in her hometown, so naturally I was hoping the visit didn’t cause her to miss it so much that she’d want to move back there. The photo above is a picture of Factory’s video display board in their...

Dynasty Handbag
December 29, 2016

In the spirit of celebration and the celebratory spirit one gets when one catches themselves smiling, I’ve picked a couple of PuSh shows that I’m looking forward to seeing.

I did not mean these to be hierarchical in terms of their placement on the page. One is pure fun with some weight. The other is weightier with some great fun involved.   

Dynasty Handbag promises a whole lot of uncompromising fun with a little serious intent sprinkled throughout.   

Jibz Cameron (USA)
Dynasty Handbag
January 20, 2017
The Fox Cabaret

Created in 2002, performance artist Cameron’s alter ego explores personal...

Long Division
December 7, 2016

AD Richard has written this blog about our November production of Long Division at Gateway Theatre.

We’ve wrapped the first leg of this year’s Long Division project. It was a great process-driven adventure that saw our intrepid and extraordinary cast challenged with a remarkable text by Peter Dickinson, and movement choreographed by Lesley Telford and her team. Jergus Oprsal, our lighting designer, did an astounding job. With just 24 dimmers and 48 instruments, he lit up Lauchlin Johnson’s mathematically inspired set. The show looked amazing. All the other designers did terrific work too...





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